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The NFL Players Association denied Sunday that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and union chief DeMaurice Smith discussed how to handle President Donald Trump’s statements about player protests.

But Sunday afternoon, the NFLPA issued a statement, saying the two men had not spoken.

I know Tyrod … I don’t even talk to quarterbacks. I don’t do anything with quarterbacks,” Miller said. But Tyrod, we were laughing and joking the whole game, and on that play I just made a very, very crucial mistake at a vital point in the game … I’ve got to be a better sportsman, and I just can’t put my team in that situation.”

Taylor confirmed that he and Miller were laughing throughout the game.

Yeah, me and Von came out the same year. Good friends, Taylor said. We was actually laughing on the field. I don’t think he knew. I honestly didn’t know at the time it was going to be a flag. Like I said, we were laughing. But [it] ended up working out in our favor, so just a bad play by him at the time. Pretty sure he wishes he could have that back, but got to move forward.

When asked if he was laughing because it was funny or because of the flag, Taylor said, Both. Both, for sure.”

Miller finished with six tackles and a sack in the game.

The Miami Dolphins were one of only two teams with a GBR of lower than 30 percent headed into Week 3 (25.8). This didn’t seem to be too much of a concern for Jay Ajayi owners since he posted 14.6 points in the Dolphins’ season opener and Miami had a Week 3 matchup against a New York Jets defense that placed next to last in GBYPA allowed (11.1).

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