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On his 22nd birthday, rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson made his first career NFL start and led the Houston Texans to a 13-9 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals.

Both teams struggled on offense, but with 50 seconds to go in the first half, Watson escaped pressure and scrambled for a 49-yard touchdown run to give Houston a 10-3 lead. Watson’s score was the only touchdown of the contest.

Cincinnati responded with a pair of field goals, one just before halftime and another in the third quarter. Houston, however, tallied a field goal of its own in the fourth quarter and stopped Cincinnati on its final drive to hold on for the win.

The Browns opened the week as favorites (for the first time for a road game since 2015), and it’s easy to see why. Do you need a lot of details about this game, honestly? Well, try these: The Colts are one of just three teams that do not have a passing touchdown yet, and they’ve been downed in their end zone (once) almost as many times as they’ve reached the opposing one (twice).

The Dolphins generated as many questions in a narrow win at the Chargers as they would have in a loss �� shaky coaching decisions, Lawrence Timmons’ absence, the way they left the Chargers in position to steal it. That might give the Jets reason to believe they can steal one, despite the way they’ve been dominated in their first two games. If the Jets had any offensive weapons for the Dolphins to worry about �� the Dolphins might be more worried about this.

The Saints are desperate to avoid a third straight 0-3 start, and they will be a challenge for the Panthers, who need to prove their 2-0 start is legit. They’ve pulled it off without Cam Newton being sharp yet, without scoring a touchdown in a win over the Bills last week and without Christian McCaffrey running roughshod as expected yet. So, welcome, horrible Saints defense, and welcome another lousy Saints start.

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