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Jason Garrett hopes Kris Richard will bring Seattle pedigree to Cowboys defense

The Cowboys found themselves with an opening on their coaching staff when Matt Eberflus left to, presumably, become Josh McDaniels’ defensive coordinator with the Indianapolis Colts.

While McDaniels didn’t ultimately make his way to Indianapolis, Eberflus did and left Dallas in search of a replacement.

Enter former Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Kris Richard.

Garrett puts a lot of the credit for those successes on Richard’s presence.

He always seems to get the best out of individual players, Garrett said. He always seems to get the best out of that secondary there. And they have some marquee guys up there but they weren’t always marquee guys from the start, think about guys like (Richard) Sherman and (Kam) Chancellor and where those guys started and where they were drafted and he was with those guys from the start, really helped their development.

And not only individuals but if you think about that secondary and the impact he had on that secondary, had on that defense, he’s a big part of that. And if you ask the coaches who were there, ask the players who were there, they would echo those ideas.

Sources say Rubin, who owns $4.5 billion online sportswear retailer Fanatics, is set on buying the Panthers, which was put up for sale in December after the team’s owner Jerry Richardson was accused of workplace misconduct.

We’re told, and Tsai is on board to join an impressive ownership consortium, which they hope could yet include sports figures such as Steph Curry and music mogul Sean Diddy Combs. Tsai is already a 49 percent owner of the Brooklyn Nets.

A source told Page Six, Rubin is putting a powerful bid for the Carolina Panthers. Under the bid, Rubin, would be the majority owner, with Tsai just behind. But Rubin also hopes to put together an incredibly diverse minority ownership team as part of his bid. He has been talking to Steph Curry and Diddy as minority owners. The initial bids are due tomorrow, the ownership structure can be declared at a later date.

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