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What $90 million can buy the Jets in hyped free agency

A year ago, the Jets were in the midst of a roster tear-down. Now, they are ready for the rebuild.

It is no secret one of those players is Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins. Cousins is the top free agent on the market this year a rare above-average quarterback in his prime hitting free agency. Cousins is expected to command somewhere near $30 million per season, and the Jets are ready to make a strong recruiting pitch.

Carter worked out with Beckham last offseason, when the receiver was skipping Giants OTAs. Beckham received criticism for missing the voluntary workouts, but Carter strongly defended him.

Beckham’s seemingly only response to the video was tweeting, Old news still makes a good story.I guess. But Beckham was recently in Paris for Fashion Week, lending credence to the thought that the video was recent.

You are in the NFL. You are under contract with the New York Football Giants, said Carter, who battled drug and alcohol addiction early in his NFL career.

Act like it matters. Because they’ve had other Giants players along their career, it didn’t matter to them. And it affected their arc as far as how great we consider them to be. The greatest Giant ever [Lawrence Taylor] struggled off the field. Until this day, he still does not have his life under control. To see another great athlete and to see that happen to them, I will not sit here and act like this is normal. No, it’s not normal.

The team suggested after the end of the regular season that they might look at revising Mathieu’s contract ahead of all that money becoming guaranteed. Whether that’s something Mathieu would do is unknown, although a tweet on Wednesday made it clear that he’s well aware that this is a time for teams and players to make business decisions.

Funding for the new league is built around a seven- to 10-year business model, Ebersol said, with Founders Fund and Chernin Group being the two main investors.

The 34-year-old Ebersol is the son of longtime television executive Dick Ebersol, who partnered with Vince McMahon for the original XFL a league that lasted just one season in 2001 but is set for a relaunch in 2020.

The XFL 16 years ago, the USFL years ago, as a live event, were successful businesses, but expectations were so high, Ebersol said. We want to manage expectations because we’re built for a long-term model.

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