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It’s hard, but it seems to work every time! he says. I drive hard right and then pull back to get enough separation to shoot.

He doesn’t back down, repeating that he gets his share of wins.

That’s the kind of self-confidence that bursts out of Griffin on just about any topic. Especially the draft. Don’t even bother asking who he thinks is the best defensive player available this year.

Moore leads them out the door, hallway to hallway, past a courtyard under construction, right to the Griffins’ old home away from home.

There are the windowless walls of white cinder blocks. There are the old, rusty dumbbells still rusting. There are the four squat racks. There’s theā€¦air conditioner? What’s this, Coach?

Manziel also completed a 50-yard bomb, rolling to the right (as usual) to buy time before finding an open receiver deep down the field. For the first half of action, Manziel completed eight of 10 passes, for 145 yards.

If Manziel’s performances in the Spring League don’t win him a spot on an NFL roster, he’ll potentially head to the CFL. In time, he could perform well enough there to earn a spot in the NFL.

Still, Manziel has a long way to go before he gets back to the NFL, where he spent two seasons in Cleveland before washing out of the league.

Which offenses will be the best in 2018?

The Giants only have six picks in 2018 instead of seven the result of trades with the Steelers, Cardinals and Rams and none after the fifth round, so does Gettleman have enough assets in order to move up again? Maybe from the top of the second round into the back of the first round ?

Who knows? Gettleman said.

Here is one thing Gettleman does know: He won’t be mortgaging the future by trading picks in the 2019 or 2020 NFL Drafts. It’s a relevant question since the Giants appear to be in win-now mode.

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