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Special teams came up short, and this time, it cost the Devils .

A lifeless night on the power play cost the Devils in the lowest scoring game of their first-round Stanley Cup Playoff series, with the Tampa Bay Lightning winning Game 4, 3-1, on Wednesday at Prudential Center in Newark.

An early 5-on-3 goal aside, the unit failed to convert any of it’s multiple 5-on-4 chances. They finished the night 0-for-5 on 5-on-4 power plays and 1-for-6 overall.

While the Devils’ penalty kill had its most effective game of the series, shutting down a Lightning power play on all five of its opportunities, it wasn’t enough to prevent the Devils from falling a deep series hole.

The Lightning will take a 3-1 series lead back home to Tampa for Game 5 on Saturday. 

At the minimum, Towns can’t get dominated in the matchup of two of the league’s elite young big men if Minnesota has any hope of making this series competitive. Capela had 24 points, 12 rebounds and 3 blocks. He had 20 points and 10 rebounds by halftime — numbers nobody had posted in a playoff half since Kevin Durant four years ago — flying all over the floor and getting spoon fed by Harden, who finished with eight assists.

Harden never even watched the film of that Game 6 stinker against the Spurs that ended his season a year ago. He certainly has no interest in revisiting it now, not when he has the opportunity to make the kind of history that would make any previous playoff failures distant memories.

This is a good move. Rutgers did not host either Maryland or Penn State at the RAC this past season, robbing the Scarlet Knights of a chance to face a local rival in a game that would have almost assuredly drawn a bigger crowd than some of Rutgers’ other conference home games against more distant opponents.

The Big Ten also released matchups for the 2018-19 women’s basketball conference schedule. The conference slate for Rutgers and the other league teams will only be 18 games. The Rutgers women’s team’s opponents are listed below: 

My favorite is Staub’s recollection of manager Harry Craft — in 1949, he was Mickey Mantle’s first professional manager — assigning Staub to room with pitcher Don McMahon because, at 33, McMahon was among the team’s oldest, wisest players.

Staub, who played 150 games that year, said he spent half the season in hotels tiptoeing around, trying not to disturb McMahon’s sleep.

I was 19. He was nearly twice my age. It was like rooming with my uncle.

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